Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

My dear friends...

On this 4th of July holiday, I feel compelled to write on independence. More than 200 years ago, some very wise individuals came together to create a country. They took their ideals and put pen to paper. Those documents still govern us today.

My question is whether the spirit of those ideals still remains? In my humble opinion, I think not. Here is why.

First, all people do not have the privilege of all of the rights guaranteed to our citizens. All minorities still suffer under prejudice and hatred. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Americans remain without any civil rights or legal recourse. This should not be. The widest interpretation of those words given at the inception of our country should be accepted to understand that ALL people are created equal, and as such should be afforded all rights and liberties under our system of laws.

Second, we were given by these founders a tri-fold system of governance so that not one single part would gain control and create dictatorship and infringe on the rights of the individual. We suffer horribly under our present administration's dismissal of this concept. We have an appointed leader (not one supported by the vote of the people), who has taken to himself complete control including the decimation of civil liberties. This has been accomplished through government secrecy and violation of individuals by obtaining their bank records, phone records, and anything else the administration wants. This is done without regard to the law. And it continues to be done without the oversight of an emasculated Congress.

Third, our government was meant to provide representation for the public's taxation. We were to live within our means as a country. Thanks to the current war of aggression against the sovereign country of Iraq and massive spending by this administration, we as a country are in deep, deep debt. Much of this money is being borrowed through foreign countries, making us dependent upon their mercy financially, commercially, and politically. As individuals, you and I must live within the confines of our paycheck. We cannot simply give ourselves a raise. We cannot spend on a whim knowing our rent is due. We must be frugal. And with our economy as it currently stands, our status in life is certainly not improving. Yet...our government spends without concern for its citizens and their limited ability to pay taxes. What will be the outcome of this frivolity?

You want to know the state of this Union? It is easily found in the media reports from those who are not afraid of this administration; who will not be manhandled by a corrupt government. Unless something changes, and quickly, our beloved country may not be around much longer. We have become weak by spreading our defenses around the world, where they cannot defend us at home. We have become weak by becoming the slave to other countries' finances and commerce. We have become weak by giving away those very precious rights and privileges given to us by our founding fathers. The Patriot Act has stripped us of our rights and privacy.

Yet, we keep on living in our own dream, rose colored glasses intact, hoping things will improve. Wake up! Wake up, my friends. Unless we do, we will see all of our rights denied us. No more freedom of/from religion. No more right to privacy. No more right to a free press. Kiss them all goodbye.

Let us not only PRAY for relief that God might hear from Heaven and have mercy on us, but let us act! Use your vote wisely, for you have seen what can happen when it is taken away and the Supreme Court appoints a leader. Let this 4th of July, this Independence Day, signal a renewal of purpose to save this great nation. And celebrate the great nation that was...and will be again!

May God richly bless you this day.