Monday, August 06, 2007

Warrantless Wiretaps Approved????

You'll be broken-hearted by the image at the left. If you're not, you're not breathing.

In the last election, this country gave the Congress to people we had hoped would care about what America stands for; the freedoms and privacy we have sent our men and women to die for!

All hope has now escaped me. Just when I thought they, the Congress, might rebound and show some intestinal fortitude. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Lead by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, they gave our mal-administration an open door to spying on their own people - US - the Americans who bleed red, white and blue.

Even though none of it truly surprises me since I've seen this Bush group at work for several years now, it disappoints me to the point of despair. When will our senators and representatives stand up for us? When will we stand up for ourselves? Gee, we thought we did that during the last election when we effectively made George Bush and his minions lame ducks. come the Dems we hoped to save us, save our military men and women, and preserve our freedoms and rights, and shove us under the bus of fascism.

Dear Goddess deliver us from this evil. If there ever was a wolf in sheep's clothing, this is it. If you think I'm incorrect, take time to go to the White House website and view the (p)resident's "signing statements." These are nothing more than Bush's circumventing of the checks and balances our forefathers saw as necessary to keep us free.

Stop a moment and read the article in The Christian Monitor. It's an eye-opener. And if you are enlightened, start doing your own research into the disaster which is this mal-administration. Amazing what one can find on the internet - if you look at overseas media. Certainly, our media is either hog-tied or tongue-tied (or both) and shamefully deficient at providing truth.

You ask what this has to do with spirituality? Everything! Spirituality is a search for truth. One only need to meditate on Goddess' goodness to see that America has been an experiment in designing a country around truth. Sadly, that truth has been twisted into a lie and many people are suffering for it.

(click on the title to see the CSM article in full.)