Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Go With the Flow

Hello again, gentle readers...

Yes, it's been a good while since my last post. Life gets in the way and it's easy to get caught up in the worries and drama of the day. I think we are all guilty of that in some way or another.

I added a link to a Daily OM post I recently read. It's an excellent article and one which caused me to pause and think about how I walk through life.

There is "the flow." You can call it what you will: spirit, destiny, fate. It matters not the name, only that it is and we are on the journey. Some days it is a rushing river that carries us along at breakneck speed and we fail to slow down and experience the fullness of the trip. And sometimes it is a lazy river that slowly urges us to enjoy the scenery and the lessons it has to teach.

One of the points of the article was that we all participate in "the flow." I think it is important that we engage our conscious minds to be open to the images and experiences that come our way. If we simply put ourselves on "auto pilot" and ride without conscious effort, we never experience the fullness of life.

My life as of late has been one of busyness. Busy at work. Busy at home. Just plain busy. I relish the times that I have quiet. I find myself turning off the TV and turning on the soft sounds of the music of mindfulness. I escape to my place of rejuvenation. And it gets difficult to turn off the sounds of the world around me. The dogs bark. The phone rings. Just to get to that place of being able to drown out the noise and engage "the flow!" How I long for it!

So what is your life like? Are you going with "the flow?" Are you experiencing Spirit in all things? Do you rejoice in Mother Earth and all the wonderful creation around you? Or do you get bogged down in the worries of the day?

If getting bogged down is the issue, then take a moment to break away and engage "the flow." Quietly listen to Spirit and enjoin yourself with the Universe. Be the quiet you wish to experience in your life. Go with "the flow."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spirituality as a Life Practice

Spirituality as a Life Practice

To exist as a spiritual being in a world of matter is often a difficult process. One must be continuously aware of both planes. The material world pulls our focus off being content to selfishness. We start to respond to the negative and allow our inner selves to be compromised by toxic people, places, things and circumstances. This focus is one of imbalance: a lack of harmony.

The condition of harmony brings to mind a part in an old car I once owned. I loved that car! It was an '89 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible. I had a very difficult time getting it to run properly. Why? A part called a “harmonic balancer.”

Because of the car's age, the part was obsolete. I searched high and low through parts houses and salvage yards. You see, that part was essential to making the car's engine run smoothly. Without it, the car sputtered and struggled and wore out the other parts which relied on it far before their time.

The Spiritual Life is the “harmonic balancer” for all other things.

Spirit brings us an acute awareness that we are co-creators with the Goddess and, therefore, have great affect on the material world around us. The situations and people we encounter cannot throw us off balance if we are operating on the spiritual plane. The “harmonic balancer”, Spirit, takes all the things that we face and lines them up in harmony.

So how can we be spiritually aware? I find the Five Principles of Brigit a great compass.

1. Protect the Earth - It is our home and our Mother.
2. Be a Peacemaker - Wear peace as a mantle.
3. Care for the Poor - Serve others with gladness and humility.
4. Be a Place of Sanctuary - One who brings comfort to the hurting.
5. Carry a Spirit of Meditation - Focus on the Goddess and hear the
Spirit Voice.

As a daily practice, let us tune in to the Spirit of balance, contentment, co-creation and harmony to bring about a better life for ourselves an those around us.

Blessed Be!