Saturday, March 19, 2005

Do not judge...

Matthew 7:1-2 says, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

Today is a short rant. Well, maybe short. Two subjects.

First, I've given you a link to the San Diego news. The Catholic diocese in San Diego refused (yes, refused) to bury a young, gay Catholic businessman because of his business dealings. (He owned a couple of gay bars.) The Bishop of the diocese said that this man's business was immoral and therefore he did not deserve a proper Catholic burial. Puh..leeez! How self-egrandizing is that? Since when do we review someone's life prior to burial to see if they are worthy of our services? As clergy, it is our duty to console the remaining family and to honor their desires for a proper burial for their loved ones. Period. It is NOT our place to judge them. Period.

If that isn't enough of a commentary on the state of the Catholic church, they went back on their own policy by giving Father Geoghan a full Catholic burial. Remember, this is one of the Catholic church's worst predators against children. He molested and damaged the lives of hundreds of children, many of whom I'm sure remain anonymous to this day because of the shame they feel. Yes, the Catholic church will bury one of its own who was a horrific child molester, but they won't bury a man who brought jobs and commerce to their community simply because they disliked him being gay.

I have one word for them: HYPOCRISY!

On another subject, please be aware the the federal marriage amendment has been introduced in the House again. It is imperative that we contact our representatives and let them know that the constitution should not be used as a battering ram against a segment of our citizens because of some peoples' fear and bigotry. Unless these men and women hear from us, they will continue to promote the reich-wing agenda of prejudice and hatred. Your voice is imperative in defeating bigotry, hatred and fear. The constitution has never, that I can remember, been used to isolate and discriminate against a segment of society. Take, for example, the civil rights amendments of the 1960s. They were used to bring relief to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of black citizens. If this horrific amendment passes, it will be open season on glbtq people in the US. We will continue to be the only class of people in the US against which it is lawful to discriminate and hate.

Your voices must be heard! The Congress must hear them. The President must hear them. The reich-wing who promote this behavior must hear them. Just as Martin Luther King led the downtrodden black citizen to a place of civil disobedience, so must we hear the call to march against the hatred that would take away our jobs, relationships, and even our lives! Rise up and say to the bigots, "NO MORE!"

May God richly bless you this day.



Pastor Julz said...
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Pastor Julz said...

Correction ~ New Post

I'm glad to see that John McCusker at least got an Episcopalian church to bury him instead of his Catholic one.

I think J-Mc's friends should have reconsidered and went to the local San Diego Lutheran church to "piss off' the Catholics. There he would have gotten the last laugh by having a funeral at non-other than - "St. "Peter's"

Beside being a "double-entendre", "St. Peter's" trump's anything in the Catholic tradition!


Pastor Julz said...

The Catholic Bishop (Bishop Robert Brom of San Diego) that denied Gay Bar owner John McCusker's burial right in a Catholic church, now apologizes to John's family and says he perform a special MASS in McCusker's honor.,2933,151178,00.html

TheLesRev said...

Hi Pastor Julz,

I saw that article this morning. It's a bit late, don't you think? The Catholic Bishop realized that the Church looked really heartless and is trying to save face. Sad, really, that it took bad press to get the Bishop to act. That's not's public relations.