Friday, April 08, 2005

It's time for a war rant...ughh

Hi friends,

Any of you who have read the blog through know that my precious partner was deployed to Iraq for 15 months in two of the most fierce areas. I regularly check the websites and blogs for updates since I know that our government does not give us the truth when it comes to the Iraq War. I cannot number the times I've used alternative media sources and overseas news bureaus to find out what's really going on over there. If you haven't done that, you will be amazed at the censorship we face in this country.

I'm sure "W" is pleased that he has the Schiavo case and the death of John Paul II to overshadow what is happening in Iraq. The war that was to cost us next to nothing is putting us in debt like never before. Basically, when you really crunch the numbers, the US is bankrupt. Were you or I to spend as this administration is doing, we'd be put in jail for writing bad checks and they'd throw away the key!

The war that "W" said (during an interview with Pat Robertson of The 700 Club) would have no casualties has cost us nearly 1600 dead and over 10,000 injured. (And those figures don't include, from what I read, the numbers of soldiers permanently scarred by Post Traumatic Brain Injuries and other mental illness). I read today of one Guard soldier who, because of the stop-loss program, was not allowed to end his enlistment but was presented with a re-enlistment contract with an end date of 2031! The government said they needed some "wiggle room" because of the low numbers of troops and masses of Guard soldiers who are getting out of the military. The neo-cons in our government have suggested raising the age limit for enlistment, as well as the number of years one is obligated to serve. It is presently at 8 years and they want to raise it to 10 years. This is nothing more than a back-door draft! Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest that is just not right! "W" has pulled these men and women away from their families and jobs and, in many cases, ruined their lives emotionally, relationally, and financially.

But, these diversions cannot last forever. "W" can't keep hiding behind every issue that comes along and divert attention from his failures. He and his cronies MUST be held accountable for their lies and deceit! I say we impeach the president for lying and bringing about an unjust war. Once impeached, I suggest he be held accountable for the war crimes he has committed by invading a sovreign nation. I mean please, whatever happened to Bin Laden? We aren't even focusing on him anymore and he's the one who took out the Twin Towers and the Pentagon! Bush took a pre-emptive strike (hello...that's called invading a sovreign country) and pretty much bombed Iraq into a giant sandbox. Their people are starving, living in the streets, and suffering from disease brought on by unsanitary conditions.

So, rise up my friends. Become educated and informed. Write your senators and representatives to call for this administration to be held accountable for their actions. Unless we all get involved, we will be going to more and more funerals and have more and more mentally ill soldiers walking the streets because of the lack of funds for the VA. God help us all if we fail to act.


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