Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Beginnings

Hello, Gentle Readers…

How often does our God bring New Beginnings? All through our Scriptures, there is testimony after testimony of God bringing His children through difficulties to New Beginnings.

Monday and Wednesday, my partner and I traveled to Biloxi for appointments. The trip took twice as long because of hurricane reconstruction and closed roads. While driving through the coastal towns, we were overwhelmed at the sheer force of “mother nature” and the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

When we reached Biloxi, nothing could have prepared me for what we saw. Homes simply flattened: nothing remaining but a roof over a pile of rubble. Downed trees and power lines were everywhere. Rows upon rows of tent cities dotted the remaining landscape. Wal-Mart parking lots were turned into relief areas full of military personnel and more tents. Simply put, nothing of Biloxi remained from the beachfront to about a half mile from the Gulf. Houses on the inland waterfront were shells. Boats were perched in trees! Cars were piled one atop the other. Completely overwhelming!

But God….

You know there’s always a “but God.”

I began to notice that, even though it’s been four weeks since the hurricane and it still looks like a war zone, there were new leaves on the trees. They were that wonderful light green of spring. There were buds and new flowers blooming everywhere; beautiful, bright and encouraging. It was as if God was saying, “I am doing a new thing.”

The people, exhausted but so resilient, were in their yards cleaning up storm damage. Everyone was chatting with their neighbors. There was a new spirit of cooperation and friendliness. Neighbor helping neighbor; whether it was cleaning the storm damage or sharing a cup of coffee brewed on a pile of sticks and tree limbs.

The initial feeling of being overwhelmed with grief was replaced with joy! How could I possibly experience joy in this place? But, I was doing just that.

What the Spirit spoke to my heart that day was a simple phrase, “New Beginnings.” Out of the ashes comes new life. Out of the fury of the storm comes calm. And out of our tragedy comes a new found concern for others. Just like the trees and flowers, new life is coming to the Gulf Coast…all the way from Mobile to New Orleans.

Wait and watch with me and rejoice at the New Beginnings of the Lord.

May God richly bless you this day and cause you to see joy in the overwhelming difficulties of life.


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ROBIN said...

Wow! I have been thru several tragedies in my life and i understand the need to remain positive and look for the best. The alternative is "death". Death to all dreams and hopes for the future and without we become aimless. The Bible even says that a people without a vision perish. Meaning the even in the hard times .. even when you do not see any light at the end of the tunnel ...HOLD ON! I do not pretend to understand God's plan or His timing but i know that life without Him as an anchor is far more devastating than any tragedy this world can deal us. Thank you for the awesome faith you display and sharing the depths of your heart with others. God bless!! Robin