Saturday, October 22, 2005

Lessons in Humility

Hello, gentle readers,

It has been a couple of whirlwind weeks. Again we were told by one of the insurance companies that we are not covered. That was the last one with which we were to meet. Now we try for loans and grants. I must admit that the process is daunting...and frustrating.

We learned a lesson in humility this week. On Friday, after we met with the insurance adjuster, two of our dear friends joined us. I felt terrible for my friend. He had stored some items in our home and they were destroyed by the hurricane. He was so kind, though. After we went through and packed these items, we went to the charity tents. Yep, you heard correctly. The charity tents. Under these tents were clothing, food, supplies and a cafeteria.

I was somewhat embarrassed by having to do that. To be at the mercy of another is a most humbling experience. First we went through the clothing tent. There were two ladies at the entrance hugging and giving comfort to all who entered regardless of ethnicity, religion...or sexual orientation. Their embraces were genuine and full of concern. If you've never lost so much and had to rely on the goodness of others, you cannot imagine what that concern meant to us.

After the clothing tent was the food and supplies tent. The line was incredibly long. The lady in front of us had her mother and her son. The son was fighting heat exhaustion. Along the way there were coolers that had ice and water. We drank it gratefully. We also poured that cold water on the woman's son, trying to help him to feel better. Wherever we went, the lines seemed to go on forever and people were hot and tired. Some shared stories of their losses. Some just stood in line with blank by the tragedy.

The money running low, we thankfully went through the food and supplies tent. We were grateful for everything that people had donated and for the gentle people who served us with joy and gladness. In the light of such tragedy, here were people of every shape and color imaginable all coming together to share their lives and their provisions.

I would learn more about this wonderful group of Christians. The organizers are Christian Life Church in Baldwin County, Alabama. They, themselves, have been the victims of horrific hurricanes. They have committed to serving the people of Bay St. Louis and Waveland for an entire year. I was amazed at this! The people in the tents were from all over the country. The two ladies who gave us such a warm welcome and blessing at the clothing tent were from Illinois.

All I could think of while standing in the lines was how truly this was the Church. This, as Christians, is what we are all called to do: clothe, feed, and care for those who are in need. Trust me, not everyone who went through those lines shared a belief in Jesus as Savior. But what an amazing witness to that small community of the love of Christ, expressed in the hugs and supplies of His people.

Yes, I was humbled to go through those lines. But, I was also encouraged! As always, with me there is a "but, God..." This lesson's "but, God..." spoke volumes over my embarrassment and humility. This lesson was in showing the true Light of the World through a simple embrace, a kind word, or something as elementary as a cold bottle of water.

Thank God for people like these! Please remember them in your prayers as you remember those who still struggle to recover from the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

May God bless you richly this day. May you show the world the love of Christ in all you say and do.


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Anonymous said...

Sweetness. I'm so glad that you were blessed. Peace and Love to you.