Saturday, March 11, 2006

God's Timing

Hello gentle readers...

Forgive my lack of posting. Let's just say it's been busy around here. I've been working extra hours at my "real" job. I'm not complaining, either. We need the added financial help. But, of course I got a flu bug which turned into my usual bronchitis and I've been feeling horrible. But thanks to modern medicine and my nifty doctor, I'm feeling close to 100% and ready to tackle the world again!

I come to this post with wonderful news and great praise to God. FEMA finally came through with some cash! Thank you, Lord! And just in the nick of time - -as is God's way. Let me review:

We have been using our friend Michael's truck. Both of our cars were completely demolished by the hurricane. Michael is in Afghanistan and left his truck in our care. Please understand that without Michael's truck, we would have (1) been stranded in the hurricane, (2) not been able to transport our "kids" (the furry creatures in our house) to safety, (3) not been able to find employment and get a new life started. Michael's generosity allowed us to move to safety and move forward with our lives.

That being said, we received a call from him stating he would be home in the next 3-4 weeks. Well, I lost my faith about then. I remember asking my partner Patti what we would do about getting to and from work. It's amazing how when one of us is facing a faith crisis, the other lifts us up. Patti was that for me. Just a couple of days later...

We receive a call from FEMA stating that they would be compensating us for some of our losses. Now, grant you, it wasn't a huge sum considering all that we lost. But it was enough to help us dig our way out of the hole we were in. I called an old friend, Curt, who sells cars (whom I know I can trust) and told him that we wanted two vehicles (two very specific vehicles) and had only so much to spend.

Curt said it was virtually impossible. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, Curt found a car that matched my desires perfectly. It was a dream! The next day, we went by the dealership and Curt had a truck for Patti which matched her desires perfectly! Curt's comment was, "You must be living right because I didn't thiink we'd be able to do this." I told Curt how God had carried us in the storm, cared for our needs afterward, and now has brought this to pass.

Throughout this ordeal, I've shared with you my ups and downs. The one thing that hasn't changed is our gratitude for all of the little things: people who gave us food and clothing, folks who donated time and money to help us, and even those who did not know us personally cared for us as if we were family.

This, I believe, is the corner we've been waiting to turn. When I look out on our little rental house and the two vehicles in the garage, I just can't believe we've come this far. I've always had two sayings that stuck with me:

"But God...." Because there is always a "but God" in everything that knocks us around in this life.

"An attitude of gratitude..." Because God responds to his children when they are appreciative of his help and guidance. It's that attitude that puts in motion God's blessings in our lives.

So I ask you today, where is the "but God" in your life? And how is your attitude? Continue to trust and God will bring to pass not only that which you need, but in many cases the things that you want.

May God richly bless you and may you find strength and courage to overcome the day. Oh and by the way, PRAISE GOD FOR HIS PROVISION! Woo-hoo!



edrick said...

hi Cindi,
What a terrific testimony of the Lord's faithfulness to care for His children. Though there are trying situations and our outlook can look dim, it's our faith and trust in God that makes Him smile on us.
Thank you for sharing this great work of the Lord.

Rob said...

Hi Cindi,

I could tell of seemingly endless examples of God supplying needs as they come along as well as some of the things we just plain want. I have seen this in my own blessed life.

I prayed for a gay partner, I wanted him to be a non-smoker, non-drinker who would be right for me. I cried out to God for years for this person, and one day, God sent him right to my front door.

I poured my heart out to God during the Viet Nam War that I would not be drafted. I was desperate and scared to death. But I continued to pray, pray, pray and 'at the end of the day' my draft lottery number was some 25 points higher than was called, and I was then given a 4-F for being gay. Thank God. I didn't have to worry about that but I did.

I'm 55 years old and happy, with my beloved partner for 13 years, in a decent home with all the needs I have had and many things not completely necessary. God wants us to be happy along the way, if our way is His way. And sometimes He blesses us with things we 'just plain old want'--if we believe He is able.

The next time a seemingly impossible need for something surfaces, why don't we KNOW that we don't need to fret over it--instead simply relying on God with no 'worry cycle'? What does it take to make us fully cognize that God supplies everything we need, every time we need it?

Thank you for a wonderful blog. I read yours regularly and continue to learn from the sharing of your own life & times.

Keep up the excellent work!

Pastor Julz said...

I think there is a real distinction from seeing the gospel as having a G-d who loves us and treats us like his own children when troubles befall us from having a prosperity gospel that we hear so often on Christian TV. Your post shows the former expression of just how good our G-d is.

I know that the brother who used the phrase, "You must be living right", was not using the phrase to make a theological statement but it's funny to hear so soon after hearing a variation of it just last week from my own homophobic right wing Christian Mom. Let me explain how the prosperity gospel can be used against "people like us".

I recently asked my mother for a $300 loan or gift ( her choice) so I could buy airline tickets to see my son get married on the "right" coast. ( I do not want to have a running credit card balance was my reason for asking. My Mom in no uncertain terms said that I was in need of money because I was, "not living right" or in other words, I was having financial difficulties because I was/am gay. This troubled me. I had no immediate "come back" for her. The statement was more troubling than the normal - "Your going to hell" statements I get from her. That I can deal with. But when someone attacks your character based on your financial situation - that's a hard one to take.

So I have a homework assignment for the readers. GO to your Strong's concordance and read all the times the Scriptures mentions the word "poor". You will find it upsets your theology. Even G-d's chosen went through times of being poor. As a matter of fact, G-d said he created them both - rich and poor! The judgment more often than not fell not on the poor but those who did not meet the needs of the poor among them! That said, I still do not feel it its G-d's will for us to be broke all the time. Jesus brought good news to the poor - that the poor were to remain that way would not be "good news" would it? I just thank G-d that he treats us like his children as the post above testifies. I would NEVER want to see my son who is getting married be poor simply because he needed to learn a lesson or was not living with the same belief system I have.

TheLesRev said...

Thank you for your insight Pastor Julz. Yes and amen! I think that prosperity teaching does several things:
1. It heaps guilt on those not able to "live up" to the standards these people preach.
2. It negates the journey - our journey of faith and maturity in the Lord.
3. It takes away the desire of the prosperous to take care of the needy as they are seen as sinful or "less than."

There is not much worse in the church than as us vs. them theology. Politics, power grabs and prosperity teaching are prime examples of this us vs. them principle. Such a shame.

Thanks for your insights. They are always welcome!