Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Hello, Gentle Readers...

It has been several years since I posted to this blog.  I pray now it will be a regular practice as I learn and grow.

The photo posted reminds me of the rest we have in Christ, and of the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  I also see the wonder that is creation and know that every leaf can speak the Word of God to our lives.  As was written (Luke 19:40 -  He answered, "I tell you, if they were to keep silent, the stones would cry out!" )

And I'm sure you are wondering why?  Why post to this blog now?  The answer is simple:  I was lost in a world of paganism following a very hurtful event that drove me away from God.  But the love of God is eternal and ever-seeking those that are lost.  And He found me.  I reaffirmed the Love of Christ in my life.  Yes, I did.  And now I am working my way back to full understanding of the working of the Holy Spirit in my life.

How did that come about?  Through the love, concern and prayers of some wonderful people whom God placed in my life as examples of Christ.  There was the sweet woman and her mom who took my dog training classes and loved me no matter what.  They would come in the store and be so kind to me.  I remained friends with that woman named Diane. And through social media we kept in touch.  Her simple walk with God reached me.

The there were my corgi friends (yep I'm a crazy person for corgis).  Mary Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Marcia, and Rebecca.  Each loved me through my lost state of being.  No pressure, just a wonderful experience of love with each.  And I found myself wondering, questioning.  Could God still love me?  If these women could, couldn't God?

And then there is Haley.  I met Haley and her mom many years ago when Haley was just a teen.  Both had such a sweet, gentle, caring spirit about them.  I knew when I met Haley, she was someone special.  I knew she was chosen by God for great things.  Deep in my heart, the Spirit stirred.  Over time, we became friends.  The middle aged lesbian and the young Christian woman.  No judgments!  I was amazed at this love.  I had not experienced it in Christian circles.  I had been beaten, raped, dragged in front of deacons and preachers, forcibly "delivered", forcibly exorcised.  But here was someone, and her mom, who were just sweet, genuine people.  They hold a special place in my heart.

All of these folks showed me the way.  All of them prayed for me.  All of them loved me.  And all of them celebrated with me when I bowed my head before God and asked Him to take me back.  Much like the prodigal son, I was stunned at the celebration thrown for me.

So, here I am again.  I hope you will walk this journey with me.  I  hope you will be generous in your comments. 

God be worshiped. Jesus be praised.  Holy Spirit come down.

God's blessings to you all,

Rev. Dr. Cindi Green Bautista 

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Cindi Green-Bautista said...

And now I journey on a blended path of knowing God and Goddess, honoring the gods and goddesses of my Celtic past, and listening to those spirits who would guide me through this life. It is a wonderful path full of joy and abundance. Be sure to follow my blog http://christopaganjourneys.blogspot.com