Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sending out the Apostles

Hello, gentle readers...

I am an avid reader of Granted, it's not a spiritual blog by any means. But, the writer does make some interesting points and follows the political scene very well. The top article today was Time's Top 25 Evangelicals. I didn't know there was a list! :-)

The amazing thing about all of them was the way they adhered to the "religious right" agenda. I can't say that I'm surprised. But, I can say I'm disappointed. When did religious zealots hijack our religious freedoms? I think I have an interesting thought to ponder.

Luke 9:1-6 speaks of Jesus sending out His apostles to heal the sick and share the good news of Jesus' teaching. Jesus tells them, "Take nothing with you for the journey--no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic." Interesting that Jesus doesn't want them to be beholden to anyone.

Today's popular preachers and evangelists all have one thing in common: greed. They give the people what will keep the people under their so-called ministry. The do no healing, only dividing. They divide the kingdom against itself by their hatred, words of violence and intolerance, and lack of care for the downtrodden of our society.

Do you want to see the true believers of God? Do you want to experience what it is to live in this world with the power and grace of Jesus? Then turn to those who take nothing from you except that which the Lord causes you to give. Look for the one who serves God out of a pure heart, not one that seeks to make a profit. If they make a profit...they are no prophet.

God is calling out His true church to set themselves apart from the hatred and intolerance of this religious generation. His call is to serve willingly, without thought for what they will GET, but only thinking of what they can GIVE.

Are you a part of the true church? Do you serve only to give? Do you serve only to bless God? Or are you guilty of being one of today's religious zealots?

May God speak to your heart this day...

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